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We would like to help you to exercise from home. This should form part of a balanced and healthy routine to keep active.Scroll down and click on the session buttons below at the relevant times to join the live stream classes that are provided by our coaching providers*.There are also pre-recorded videos available on our YouTube Channel.

  • Duration: Sessions are 40 mins or 1 hour long.

  • Sound: Please mute your own microphone when on the call and leave your video off unless it is a social session.

  • Any further feedback or technical problems email [email protected].

* Disclaimer: If you choose to take part in any of the live or pre recorded sessions, you do so at your own risk. You acknowledge that there is inherent risk in any physical activity. The sessions are designed to be gentle and for beginners however you are responsible for your own safety. Neither Bedford Borough Council or the delivery partners will be responsible for any injury sustained as a result of participation.**

(Keep scrolling down this page to the colourful buttons for the links to the live stream sessions)

engAGE together - Chair based social sessions

These gentle chair based sessions are aimed at people who are in recovery, residential care settings or new to exercise and would like to take things steady and slow. They are marked with a star on the link button belowThey are very gentle, fun and social. We encourage breaks, videos on and lots of chat.Supported by The Harpur Trust

Supporting the online delivery
We are keen to sustain the sessions into the future as we feel they are highly valued by those in the community. To help with this we do require a small amount of income to support the delivery and the tutors who provide such wonderful coaching and instruction for us
We don’t wish to make this a compulsory cost as we are aware it may be very difficult at this time for some people to afford and we don’t want to create any barriers to participation. We recommend a donation (for those who are able to do so) of either £1 per session or £11 per month.We would ask you to monitor your own monthly participation and pay no more than £11 even if you do 2/3 sessions every day.What to do next:
Choose a date in the month to make a payment and make a note in your own diary.
Donate as much as you feel is appropriate to your participation. i.e one session a week = £4 per month or 14 sessions per week every week = max £11 per month.(Any of the links below will work and all apply to the same overall fund)Thank you

Bedford Sport Live



Tues Jane's video code: p3x2&4^3



Thurs Jane's video code below: [email protected]@t&


Recorded sessions

1. Maz's code for video 1 below: 8VFq4!*j

1. Jane's code for video 1 below: gp7.Jz9+

2. Jane's video code: [email protected]@t&

3.Jane's video code: z.tOn!A0

4. Jane's video code: p3x2&4^3

5. Jane's video code below: [email protected]@t&

Website links for further support

We recorded and have made available a number of the sessions on our YouTube Channel. An example is below and there are over 200 available on YouTube .

Stay safe, Stay well
Thank you
The Sports Development Team
Bedford Borough Council